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Google AdWords Packages ( PPC )


Our PPC packages are customized to meet the ever-changing requirements of small and large businesses. We give you the flexibility to select the best option for your website which will also come in your budget when you’re looking for PPC pricing packages.

Every business is unique with different marketing objectives so STL DESIGN LAB offers a range of management options to suit campaigns of all sizes and channels, including Google AdWords and Social Media Ads. Our consultants will evaluate your needs to recommend the right solution for your business. We charge a monthly fee for our management services and will suggest a monthly advertising spend that you are comfortable with, paid directly to the publisher. Contact us to get started by calling +1(844)-445-5726 or fill out your details in the form to your right.

How Does Google AdWords Work?


Which phrases will best describe your company to place you on the first page of Google? Let’s find out. It all starts with keyword research. Some words get only a few clicks a day, while others may get thousands. Our knowledge will help you to make the right choices.

Optimization - STL Design Lab

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is where you populate your website with the right keywords in order to get free, organic, editorial, or natural search results. This needs to be monitored monthly by our SEO experts to see what your customers are actually searching for.

Analytics - STL DESIGN LAB

Web analytics is a great way to measure how people interact with your site and to see much traffic the search engines are sending you. It’s also the best way to track how organic search traffic plays a role in influencing conversion, the holy grail of search analytics.

Conversion - STL Design Lab

Site traffic is great, but if you can’t convert them to paying customers what’s the point? It starts with creating keyword rich content and optimized Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads, and then we develop landing pages with a call-to-action to convert as many people as possible.

Affordable Packages

Why PPC Advertising?

The question of why to choose PPC advertising is quite common. Through this, you can pay for the top positions in the search engine. Yes, the PPC strategy will ideally help you reach to the top 10 positions of your Google search engine. You must find out the PPC management pricing right away. Through this strategy, you can get the maximum number of traffic landing over your website. Thus, your website SEO will be easily improved. The experts dealing with PPC management also deals with keywords with low volume. ROI is an important fact in every business. The digital marketing services experts are aware of the fact. They will find out the low volume keywords. These keywords are of long tail variation and are less costly for advertisement. The positive part is, those can provide significant ROI.


The Pricing of PPC Management

The experts dealing with PPC management will suggest you about the campaign. You can fix your budget as per your ability. There is no risk of losing money as you only have to pay if visitors click on your website. The PPC price can be compared with many service providers. There are remarketing options as well. You will get mobile ads options as well. The organizations like STL DESIGN LAB have a distinctive technique of getting the maximum clicks. The PPC management packages are many in number. You can choose it as per your usability. You don’t need to get such a package which you cannot afford.

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